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for Social Emotional Learning (SEL)
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The most effective way to address bullying is through Evidence Based Social Emotional Learning

These skills also help to protect and prevent a wider range of problems such as, substance abuse, violence, gang involvement, early teenage pregnancy, suicide (See Start Early and Stick with it) and increased academic achievement. Research indicates that schools using a research validated Social and Emotional Learning Program, such as the Social Decision Making/Problem Solving Program, can help to prevent bullying, increase academic scores by as much as 11% and can have a positive and lasting effect on the climate and culture of the school building and community. See SEL MEGA Study at

The goal of SDM/PS is to teach children the skills they need to make healthy pro-social choices “even under stress”. Social decisions often take place in emotional and socially challenging situations.  Toward this end, SDM/PS works with schools and agencies to provide children with repeated practice of skills taught to a range of situations to help internalize and build skills to a point that they are accessible under stressful real life situations.

Services Tailored to New Jersey HIB/Bullying Legislation

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